Reed Shay Property Investments

We buy houses fast for cash so you can get on with your life.

There’s selling your house, and then there’s selling your house quick so you can worry about the things that are more important to you. Dealing with the sale of your home isn’t always a pleasant experience. There’s so much that goes into getting the sale complete. From repairs and renovations to paperwork and strangers parading through your home, there never seems to be an end in sight.

That’s where we come in. At Reed Shay Property Investments, we are focused on helping you get out of all the hard work associated with selling your home. The process is simple, and you can be moving on within a couple of weeks if needed.

We inspect, make an offer, and pay cash if you accept. It really is that easy!

Fast and Dependable

We are quick to help, and we make sure you are well taken care of. Our goal is to make this a process you don’t have to worry about.

We’re Flexible

You may be in a situation where you know you need to sell, but you’re not quite ready to move. No worries!

All you have to do is let us know when you’ll be ready to move. We’ll readjust our offer as needed and still complete the sale!