About Us


Robin Reed began her executive search career in 1989. She launched a search practice in Silicon Valley to serve founders and investors by providing them with a search partner who uniquely understood technical product development, platforms, applications, networks, and software engineering. It was the right time for her approach, and 25 years later Robin had been part of recruiting technology leaders and executives for over 250 start-ups. Along the way, many of her placements helped to make Internet history.

In 2011 Robin took a sabbatical from ReedShay and began exploring her love of Tibetan culture. In 2013, with H.H. Dalai Lama's blessing, she founded the Tibetan Gallery & Studio, a nonprofit studio and gallery for master Tibetan artist Tashi Dhargyal. He is making history as the first Tibetan to paint a two-story ceremonial Buddhist scroll (thanbhochi) outside of Tibet. Upon completion it will tour museums and monasteries. 

On a personal note, Robin's sabbatical continues. Bhutan is her favorite  destination, and she's always planning the next trip.