About Us

Research Associate
Susan didn't know (and please don't alert her parents) that a lifetime of over-achievement would result in her bio on this page. However, for now, it's a good thing... at least until the American Conservatory Theatre hires her permanently for the acting career she envisions. It's hard to imagine what we did before she joined us but let's just say that we didn't have as much insight into SAG membership issues. Seriously, Susan has already made herself indispensible in our research and data management group (actually, she is the group). Her intellect, organizational expertise and enthusiasm for technology is an asset we intend to leverage.

Besides the Georgetown University education, Susan checks all the boxes for this role. First, intellectual curiosity that borders on obsession (check). Secondly, she possesses the analytical rigor, along with an excellent background in operations, management, marketing and client relations, in Chicago, DC, NYC, CT and SF (check).

Thirdly, those Midwestern credentials (check). Special qualifications include her ability to effortlessly transition between British, French, Scottish and Arabic accents - always a plus in executive search work. Speaking of voice training, Susan is practicing for a lead role in a musical. If she begins singing to you during a business call, please call us.