About Us

Lorye George is the Managing Director of Reed Group, LLC, and Reed Shay & Company. This means that she is the one who keeps us out of trouble. Since 1990, Lorye has been building our firm's capabilities through many dynamic growth stages. She leads the operations, administration, finance, and investment strategies for the company. In the last few years she's been leading our staff development meetings and off-sites -- and we suspect transcripts have been leaked to the writers of 30 Rock. Our lawyers are checking into that now.

Before her career in executive search, Lorye worked in business development and professional services in the telecommunications industry. She led national account sales support for an international switching system vendor serving university complexes and government agencies. This almost drove her crazy and it was no surprise that in 1994 she received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. It's been good for us, too. Lorye has helped to develop unique client services and candidate evaluation tools for our practice. Her work "behind the scenes" is a key component of our success.