About Us

We're thrilled to have Dave on our team, especially because we've been stalking him for years trying to get him to give up his Microsoft gig (about 8 years as a Program Manager in the Office of the CTO, and Office of CSA).

So...you're probably going to be talking with Dave, he's the newest Principal at ReedShay. After years of being the person working most closely with Robin on her myriad searches, he understands the exceptional needs of our audience, both clients and candidates. Dave brings a deep toolbar of technical acumen and strategic planning which he applies brilliantly to ReedShay's practice. He's an expert at applying competitive intelligence and technology insights to search strategies and has done this for leaders like McKinsey, Microsoft, Gates Foundation and others. In his past life he was a founder of a VC-backed startup, worked on the trading floor at Fidelity Capital Markets, got his MBA, and built his own consulting practice. What sealed the deal for us was learning that his skateboarding skills aren't shabby either. He recently got almost two feet above the lip with an early grab.

Dave has two boys, a collection of dogs, and mostly lives in Boston which is a crying shame, though it does mean he's always three hours ahead of us into the future. The only other negative we found was that he hasn't been to Burning Man - ever! We're going to fix that...