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Robin Reed

Principal, Executive Recruiter

Robin Reed began her executive search career in 1989. She launched a search practice in Silicon Valley to serve founders and investors by providing them with a search partner who uniquely understood technical product development, platforms, applications, networks, and software engineering. It was the right time for her approach, and 25 years later Robin had been part of recruiting technology leaders and executives for over 250 start-ups. Along the way, many of her placements helped to make Internet history.

In 2011 Robin took a sabbatical from ReedShay and began exploring her love of Tibetan culture. In 2013, with H.H. Dalai Lama's blessing, she founded the Tibetan Gallery & Studio, a nonprofit studio and gallery for master Tibetan artist Tashi Dhargyal. He is making history as the first Tibetan to paint a two-story ceremonial Buddhist scroll (thanbhochi) outside of Tibet. Upon completion it will tour museums and monasteries. 

On a personal note, Robin’s sabbatical continues. Bhutan is her favorite  destination, and she's always planning the next trip.

David Carpe


We're thrilled to have Dave on our team, especially because we've been stalking him for years trying to get him to give up his Microsoft gig (about 8 years as a Program Manager in the Office of the CTO, and Office of CSA).

So...you're probably going to be talking with Dave, he's the newest Principal at ReedShay. After years of being the person working most closely with Robin on her myriad searches, he understands the exceptional needs of our audience, both clients and candidates. Dave brings a deep toolbar of technical acumen and strategic planning which he applies brilliantly to ReedShay's practice. He's an expert at applying competitive intelligence and technology insights to search strategies and has done this for leaders like McKinsey, Microsoft, Gates Foundation and others. In his past life he was a founder of a VC-backed startup, worked on the trading floor at Fidelity Capital Markets, got his MBA, and built his own consulting practice. What sealed the deal for us was learning that his skateboarding skills aren't shabby either. He recently got almost two feet above the lip with an early grab.

Dave has two boys, a collection of dogs, and mostly lives in Boston which is a crying shame, though it does mean he's always three hours ahead of us into the future. The only other negative we found was that he hasn't been to Burning Man - ever! We're going to fix that...

Susan Shay

Principal, Executive Recruiter

Susan Shay is a founding partner of Reed Shay & Company, and her philosophies, practices and standards of excellence are the bedrock of our search practice. Susan has been an independent executive search consultant since 1988 and the main focus of her search practice has been to find the key executives on the technology and product side of the business for early stage and high growth ventures. Her clients are many of the most successful Silicon Valley companies. Susan has recently stepped down from day to day search activities, but remains with the firm on consulting basis. She is taking time from the practice to complete her post graduate studies at the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley.

Prior to starting her own search practice, Susan was Vice President of Human Resources at Teknekron Corporation, a private investment holding company, and parent to many successful high tech ventures including TIBCO. While at Teknekron, her charter included recruiting entrepreneurs, building the teams of new enterprises, and identifying additional key contributors as these enterprises grew. Susan has been a member of the Board of Directors of Tenera, L.P. (AMEX: TLP).

Her earlier career in Europe was as a writer and editor for Europa Magazine. She received her undergraduate degree in history with highest honors, and continued her post-graduate studies at Oxford University, England. Susan lives in the Napa Valley with her family, and is very active in her community.

Mary LeFevre

Research and Admin Director

Mary is the best five people you will ever know. For the past 12 years, she has been the driving force behind our firm's success at identifying and sourcing talent through continually evolving research capabilities. She directed her education and passion for Library Science and Information Systems into creating our world-class research services. Prior to her role at ReedShay, Mary worked in strategic technology during the adventurous times of the FCC deregulation of the telecom industry. Besides leading and directing our firm's Research Department, she wrangles the unruly schedule of Robin Reed. This gives her the manic state of mind that supports her effortless juggling of projects, deadlines, people and interviews.

Lorye George

Principal, Managing Director

Lorye George is the Managing Director of Reed Group, LLC, and Reed Shay & Company. This means that she is the one who keeps us out of trouble. Since 1990, Lorye has been building our firm's capabilities through many dynamic growth stages. She leads the operations, administration, finance, and investment strategies for the company. In the last few years she's been leading our staff development meetings and off-sites -- and we suspect transcripts have been leaked to the writers of 30 Rock. Our lawyers are checking into that now.

Before her career in executive search, Lorye worked in business development and professional services in the telecommunications industry. She led national account sales support for an international switching system vendor serving university complexes and government agencies. This almost drove her crazy and it was no surprise that in 1994 she received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. It's been good for us, too. Lorye has helped to develop unique client services and candidate evaluation tools for our practice. Her work "behind the scenes" is a key component of our success.