Reed Shay Property Investments started out as a dream. We wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and what better way than to eliminate a pain point for so many people.

The process of selling your home can be such a frustrating and time-consuming event. We know. We’ve been through it so many times. Because of this, we decided we wanted to provide an alternate avenue for those looking to sell their homes.

To be perfectly honest, we thought these “we buy houses” companies were scams at first. Then we sat down and talked to a couple of great guys that run and operate such a business, and we learned so much. We’re forever grateful for that conversation as we’ve been able to translate that into our own business.

As of today, we’ve been able to help more than 30 families out of the struggle of selling their homes. Some needed to sell quickly, others just didn’t want to deal with the selling process. Regardless, we were able to help all.

We’re looking to continue growing our business and providing all homeowners another option when it comes to selling their homes.